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  • Adlerian Psychotherapy

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    Alfred Adler was an Austrian medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded Individual (Adlerian) Psychology. Adler believes that behaviour is goal-directed and socially embedded. Social and cultural components of the individual’s life play a role in experiences and mental health as the person moves through his or her lifestyle. Adlerian theory is holistic.

    Adler emphasized the important of Gemeinschaftsgefuhl (social interest, community feeling) – a sense of belonging and contributing to the community. Adler believed that social interest is innate and needs to be developed; also a high level of social interest reflected mental health and well-being.

    Concepts of Adlerian Psychology (but are not limited to)

    • community feeling
    • courage
    • sense of belonging
    • mutual respect
    • encouragement
    • understanding individual in their social context
    • promotion of social interest
    • parent education

    An Adlerian psychotherapist provide a space where individuals feel a sense of belonging, respect and encouragement. We create a collaborative relationship and help you use your creative power to overcome challenges and make changes in your life tasks: work, friendship, love-intimacy, self and spirituality. We want you to feel a sense of belonging, find your meaning and purpose in life, contribute to society, and find the courage to be imperfect.