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  • Black and Indigenous Peoples

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    First Nation and Black people have been significantly impacted in our society through colonization.  Colonialism and slavery are based on the viewpoint that certain groups, their beliefs and knowledge are inferior and other groups are superior.  Black and Indigenous people have experienced historical racial disparities, oppression, social and economic marginalization, enslavement, displacement, system racism, as well as intergenerational and racial trauma.  These experiences affect family relationships, a sense of self, parenting and struggles in communities.  Also, this has been exacerbated by continuous discrimination and being viewed as less of a human being.  

    Today, Black and Indigenous people still live with the significant impact of the residential school system, segregation, slavery, and colonization which affects their mental health and well-being. They need to have access to appropriate and culturally relevant mental health services.  It is important for Black and Indigenous people to tell their stories and get support in their healing journey.