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  • Coaching

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    Coaching is the process where we motivate, encourage and facilitate your journey of self-discovery through creative awareness, achieving of goals and a balance lifestyle. It is a partnership (an alliance) between the Coach and the Individual in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the individual to maximize personal and professional potential. It is designed to address the personal, professional or spiritual growth and development through the implementation of strategies to reach identified goals. Through the coaching process, individuals can deepen their learning, improve performance and enhance quality of life.

    Career Coaching

    If you feel stuck in your career, know that you are not alone. Don’t know how to make a career change or figure out what you want in a career? Get help in moving towards the career you want for yourself and gain clarity on your career path. Improve your professional life, achieve your professional goals and take control of your career happiness. Invest in yourself – Transform your career today! Career Transformation Starter Kit – career assessments and coaching sessions designed to meet your individual needs.

    Health Coaching

    A holistic approach that cultivates a healthy lifestyle through habit change, gaining clarity and mastery of healthy habits. Understand yourself better, break negative patterns that are holding you back and causing you to feel stuck, learn and integrate new habits into your daily life, and transform your life. Work on setting healthy goals and creating an action plan for achieving those goals so that you can live you best life. Let us help you muster your inner strength and feel greater happiness and joy in your day to day life.

    Life Coaching

    A journey with conversations about your experiences, strengths, interests, hopes, aspirations and fears resulting in clarity. Focusing on our present and future life can be overwhelming, at time. Coaching can be encouraging, empowering and transformative. Express yourself, engage in appreciative inquiry, live a life of purpose and meaning with intention, be your authentic self and create the future you want. We support you on your journey and living your life of courage. Let us help you reach goals in your journey of clarity, transformation and self discovery.

    Parent Coaching

    Children can be challenging. Are you seeking for help and support with parenting. You are in the right place! Learn practical, positive and realistic ways to approach parenting. Can include one or more parents. Teach your child(ren) to connect, be capable, feel that they count and the courage to face challenges. Some of the things you will learn about include parenting with encouragement, mutual cooperation, effective communication, build healthy relationships, understand mistaken goals of behaviour, how to use natural and logical consequences, creating family meetings and self care.